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Great ice cream starts with great dairy farmers.

Meet some of our dairy farmers.

Founded over 80 years ago, Turkey Hill only needed enough milk to provide fresh milk and ice cream to the towns near our dairy. Today, we sell our milk and ice cream to people in 38 states, so that means we need a few more cows.

We rely on the hard work and skills of our local dairy farmers to provide great, fresh milk to our dairy each day. It is the local dairy farmers we thank and respect so much. So we'd like you to meet a few of them. Check back from time to time and you'll see who provides milk for your ice cream. Turkey Hill is dedicated to its heritage and the heritage of those who make Turkey Hill successful.

Welcome to the Mount Joy Farmer's Co-Op

Where does Turkey Hill get its milk to make such delicious treats your family enjoys? How does Turkey Hill find its farmers? How does the milk get from the farmer to the production plant?

Turkey Hill purchases its milk from two milk cooperatives. A milk cooperative is a group of dairy farmers that sell their milk together. Turkey Hill uses local milk from local farmers on regional farms within a 40 mile radius from the plant. A milk cooperative provides smaller farms with the same marketing advantage as larger farms.

The Mount Joy Farmers' Co-Operative Association was started in 1929 when nine farmers combined their efforts to sell their milk. By working together, the co-op was able to supply milk to production plants when the demand for milk was higher than one farm could produce.

Today there are approximately 326 farmers with membership to the Mount Joy Farmers' Co-Operative Association. Those in membership have farms ranging from 12 cows to over 800 cows, producing between 1000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. daily. The Mount Joy Farmers Co-Op Association is 14.5 miles from Turkey Hill Dairy.

Gib Martin, General Manager of Mount Joy Co-op knows a thing or two about farming. He grew up on a dairy farm in Ephrata, PA and has been involved in farming his whole life. In the late 1990's, he was asked to become an inspector for the Co-op. In 2005 he was promoted to General Manager, his current position. Gib is also one of three inspectors employed by the co-op.

Thirty Mount Joy trucks haul 55 million pounds of milk a month into various dairies. Turkey Hill gets six million pounds of milk every month. Mount Joy Farmers Co-Op employs two full time mechanics to service their fleet of 30 trucks that run 365 days a year. Every day two dispatchers dispatch 30 trucks to various sized farms that are scheduled for pickup. Then the milk goes to places like Turkey Hill, where it is sold and processed for drinking or used in products such as ice cream.

Co-ops like Mount Joy Farmers' Co-Operative Association are an important part of dairy farming. They are vital to the small and large farms in their ability to sell milk. Turkey Hill is proud to buy milk from Mount Joy Farmers Co-Op, a local company assisting local farmers in our community.

How do you prefer to eat your ice cream?

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