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The continuing adventures ...

The cow's been shot!

Turkey Hill Giant CowWhile visiting our friends in New Hyde Park, New York, someone apparently mistook our cow for a giant space alien. That's the only explanation we have for why someone would shoot the cow, leaving a 4-inch hole in her belly. Tim Frey, the cow's driver, hurried her straight home where we applied first aid (a patch of fiberglass and some touch-up paint). The traumatic event even made the network news. So, if you're wondering, she's doing fine and is back out on the road.

Stuck on the Belt Parkway.

Turkey Hill Giant CowIn July 1995, the Turkey Hill cow was busily delivering samples of our ice cream to people in Brooklyn, New York. Unfortunately, while traveling on the Belt Parkway, the cow came to an underpass that was too low for her to fit beneath. Traffic was jammed in both directions as people left their cars to watch. Seven police cars showed up. The very patient officers stopped traffic at the closest interchange and our cow backed up three-quarters of a mile to get off the parkway. Just when New Yorkers thought they had seen it all.

Scaredy Horse!

Turkey Hill Giant CowA businessman in Schaefferstown, Pa. was standing by his office window talking on the phone when he saw something he'll never forget. Our giant cow was standing in a parking lot across the street when an Amish man drove his horse and buggy into the lot. After the man tied his horse to the cow's hitch, the horse looked up and saw the giant cow staring back at him. The horse was so shocked that he unhitched himself and hid in a nearby ditch. Making friends isn't always easy when you're a 13 foot-tall cow.

Follow me guys!

Turkey Hill Giant CowIt never fails that when the Turkey Hill cow travels past fields and pastures filled with cows, the bovines will come up to the road and follow along. At least as far as the fences will let them. Maybe they think our giant cow is their momma. Or maybe they're just like anyone else who sees a 13-foot cow pass by.