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An age-old game we still enjoy.

Everyone loves a good jigsaw puzzle, but not everyone likes a really hard one. That's why we let you choose from three different levels of difficulty (9 pieces, 16 pieces, and 36 pieces) for each of our puzzles.

View puzzle instructions.

To get started, choose a puzzle below by clicking on how many pieces you want to play with. Don't worry, you won't lose any of these puzzle pieces under the sofa.

When two pieces fit together, they'll snap into place. If you have sound on your computer, you'll hear them "click" together. When you move a piece, all the pieces connected to it will also move.

Download Adobe Shockwave PlayerTo play with our jigsaw puzzles you'll need the Adobe Shockwave Player. If it's not already installed on your computer, you can download it here.

Play the Winter Jigsaw Puzzle

A Lancaster County farm in the winter is majestic. The snow creates a peaceful blanket over the fields, and you can hear the laughter of children playing.

Play the Autumn Jigsaw Puzzle

Some people think autumn is the best time of year in Lancaster County. The farmers harvest their crops and make delicious treats like apple cider and pumpkin pie.

Play the Farm Scene Jigsaw Puzzle

There's nothing quite as peaceful as a farm in Lancaster County. The thousands of farms in the county help produce a variety of produce, meat, and dairy foods.

Play the Quilt Jigsaw Puzzle

For over 200 years, people in Lancaster County have created beautiful quilts with great care and detail. Some people say every quilt has a story. What do you think this quilt's story is?

Play the Bo Jigsaw Puzzle

Our Turkey Hill mascot, Bo, loves to hang around the dairy farm on a sunny day. That is, if she doesn't have any farm chores to do.