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What's the buzz online about Turkey Hill Dairy?

We're very proud of the products we make, the people who make them, and all of our friends who truly enjoy them. From time to time, people like share their love of Turkey Hill products by writing about it online. When we catch wind of these little love letters, we'll share it with you here.

Turkey Hill in BBQ Sauce?

That's right, there are many ways to incorportate our delicious products into your favorite dishes. Check out this artcile and see how one person has used our Orange Iced Tea for a BBQ sauce. For more Turkey Hill recipe ideas, visit our recipe page at

Super Bowl matchup: Carolina Barbecue vs. Denver Bison Burger

I Spy Turkey Hill

Enjoy this mouth-watering video clip on one of Lancaster County's delicious traditions. While your watching, keep your eyes open. You may catch a quick glimpse of Turkey Hill popping up!

6 Fun Facts about Lancaster County's Oldest Fasnacht Fundraiser

We Welcome Nicki Minaj to Enjoy Some Turkey Hill Anywhere!

Writer pleas for Nicki Minaj to stay in the city of Brotherly-Love while sipping on some Turkey Hill Iced Tea.

Nicki Minaj: Stay in Philadelphia and be it's Queen
The Cut

Life, Memories and Turkey Hill

Nancy had many enjoyments throughout her life including, Turkey Hill products. We are so happy we could be a part of her life.

The News-Items

Presidential Prank Campaign

Catch a quick glimpse and mention of Turkey Hill in this presidential prank that has caught the attention of many in the social media world.

CNN Politics

Review or All Natural Peanut Butter Gelato

Junk Food Guy gives his review. 

Junk Food Guy

A Turkey Hill Fan that will be missed by many....

Helen, a local resident, was a huge Turkey Hill fan. Per her obituary,"It should be noted the Turkey Hill Ice Cream and Tablbot sales will be down this quarter and indefinitely without their local patron." 

Lancaster Online

Only People From PA Understand

10 more things inly people from Pennsylvaina understand.

Eric Mohrman


Aileen made some amazing parfaits using Nilla wafers, Turkey Hill Frozen Yogurt, and some other goodies!

400 Calories or Less

Horses Love Turkey Hill Tea Too!

This horse can't get enough Turkey Hill Iced Tea

Sean Grogan

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