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Turkey Hill Dairy's Phillies Graham Slam is the official ice cream of the Philadelphia Phillies!

Official Ice Cream of the PhilliesIt feels great to be a Phillies fan, doesn't it? It also feels great to a part of the team once again, not only as the Phils' official ice cream but also as the makers of the team's official iced tea. (The fact that we're both Pennsylvania staples is nice too.)

That means that no matter where you are when you root for the Phillies this season, you'll be able to show your true colors as a fan with a bowl of Phillies Graham Slam (Graham flavored ice cream with scoops of choco marshmallow cups and a graham swirl).

And when you get thirsty? Just sip some "Cold Fashioned" Turkey Hill iced tea, sit back and root, root, root for the home team!

And Turkey Hill is stretching this triple into a home run by donating five cents from the sale of each container of Phillies Graham Slam Ice Cream to the team's very worthwhile RBI Program, an effort that helps bring baseball to the children of America's inner cities. Just for good measure, we'll also pitch in an extra $100 every time the Phils win a game (and we're counting on a lot of wins this year).

Official Ice Cream of the PhilliesIf you need one more reason to scoop up some of the team's ice cream, we should remind you that each specially-marked container of Phillies Graham Slam Premium Ice Cream will allow you to enter the Graham Slam Sweepstakes, which will give away free tickets to Phillies home games to more than 80 winners throughout the year and a grand prize — a four-day, three-night trip for two to watch a Phillies spring training game in Clearwater, Florida next season.