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Turkey Hill Dairy offers its first Greek Frozen Yogurt — Baklava Limited Edition flavor

Turkey Hill Dairy is adding to its limited edition ice cream flavors by introducing its first Greek frozen yogurt with baklava. This limited edition flavor contains two traditional Greek favorites: creamy yogurt and sweet baklava. Combining these two delicious treats creates a decadent frozen dessert, which will be offered January through April.

"The popularity of Greek frozen yogurt continues to grow, and Turkey Hill Dairy is very excited to offer its first flavor," said Quintin Frey, president of Turkey Hill Dairy. "We are continually expanding our line of frozen desserts, and adding Greek frozen yogurt is the perfect fit."

The Dairy's Baklava Limited Edition Greek Frozen Yogurt contains vanilla Greek frozen yogurt with crunchy baklava pieces and a honey cinnamon swirl. The low-fat frozen yogurt has 67 percent more protein than Turkey Hill's regular frozen yogurt.

Turkey Hill Dairy, the fifth largest-selling premium ice cream brand, continually changes its Limited Edition ice cream flavors to provide consumers with a variety of choices throughout the year.

Turkey Hill Dairy's Baklava Limited Edition Greek Frozen Yogurt and additional limited edition flavors are currently available at select grocers and convenience stores where Turkey Hill products are sold. For more information, or for a schedule of upcoming Limited Edition flavors, visit

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