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Win a Turkey Hill Giant Cow visit to your birthday party

Our Giant Cow has been seen at parties, fairs, store openings, parades, and just about everywhere else. If you would like the Giant Cow to visit you, complete the below information and our team will review it. Please note we cannot fill every request and the schedule is often done months in advance.

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    Please Read and Agree Please note that Turkey Hill Dairy does not charge a fee for giant cow visits. Schedules are subject to change.

    Sponsor has requested that Turkey Hill Dairy ("THD") make available to Sponsor its fiberglass cow, which is mounted on a trailer (the "Cow"), for use by Sponsor in connection with the promotion of its place of business or special event. THD is providing the Cow to Sponsor at no charge, with the understanding that THD will do everything possible to deliver the cow as agreed, but reserves the right to make schedule changes if necessary. THD has requested that Sponsor execute this document in consideration of the foregoing:

    • Sponsor shall have the sole responsibility for selection of the location for the Cow, and shall instruct THD's driver as to such location. Sponsor shall select a safe place to park and place the Cow.
    • Sponsor warrants and shall ensure that no one other than THD's authorized driver will move the Cow while it is being used by Sponsor and is on Sponsor's premises.
    • Sponsor shall indemnify, defend and hold THD harmless from and against any or all loss, liability, damage or expense arising or resulting from (1) any violation by Sponsor of the terms hereof, or (2) the placement of or use of the Cow at the Sponsor's place of business or special event. The type of losses, liabilities and expenses covered by this paragraph include without limitation injuries to persons, injuries to property, attorney's fees, and claims arising from the negligence of THD's agents or employees. Upon written notice from THD, Sponsor agrees to defend THD, its agents, and employees against any claim arising out of Sponsor's use of the Cow.

    Please know that anything you transmit to Turkey Hill Dairy is nonconfidential and nonproprietary. This means we're free to use any ideas, concepts, or techniques you send for any purpose without compensation to you, including developing, manufacturing, and marketing our products. This includes, but isn't limited to, their reproduction, transmission, and publication.