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Noggy Or Nice: Egg Nog Recipes Showcase Versatility Of Seasonal Classic

Turkey Hill Dairy’s classic Egg Nog, Light Vanilla Nog return to holiday line-up

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (November 11, 2014) — Pumpkin spice may be the flavor of fall, colorful foliage, and cable knit sweaters, but egg nog reigns supreme in a season of snowmen, holiday shopping, and knit hats with matching scarves. But, as popular as egg nog may be, many people are unaware of how versatile the festive beverage can be as an ingredient, in everything from egg nog pancakes to egg nog cheesecake.

Perhaps no one knows that better than Turkey Hill Dairy. The Lancaster County, Pa.-based Dairy will produce more than 122,000 gallons of its traditional Egg Nog and Light Vanilla Nog in 2014 and another 175,000 containers of Egg Nog Ice Cream. Almost all of Turkey Hill’s Egg Nog will be sold in the six weeks before Christmas, with a small batch returning for a brief appearance at Easter.

"A vast majority of egg nog will be consumed the old-fashioned way — in a glass, sometimes with a sprinkle of nutmeg,” said Turkey Hill President John Cox. “But when you try it in a recipe, it opens up a whole new world for egg nog lovers."

A collection of recipes on the Turkey Hill website ( makes it easy for fans to experiment with the holiday treat. Options include Egg Nog Cookies, Egg Nog French Toast, and Egg Nog Fritters.

Turkey Hill Dairy Egg Nog — made with pure cream, fresh milk, and a touch of nutmeg — is the top-selling brand of egg nog throughout much of the northeast United States. Light Vanilla Nog includes a hint of vanilla and less fat and calories than traditional egg nog. Both options are available wherever Turkey Hill products are sold.

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