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Turkey Hill Adds Four Flavors To Its Line Of Haymakers Teas, Punches, And Ciders

Expansion comes one year after launch for line-up inspired by centuries-old farmers' recipe

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (May 24, 2017) — Because epic thirsts demand epic options, Turkey Hill's line of Haymakers teas, punches, and ciders are getting a four-flavor, fruit-infused upgrade.

The expansion includes Summer Peach Cider, Strawberry Cider, Lightly Sweet Tropical Punch and Lightly Sweet Raspberry Tea. The new flavors join five existing Haymakers options, which include thirst-quenchers like Lemon Punch, Sweet Tea and Original Cider.

Launched in 2016, Turkey Hill's Haymaker line-up is based on a centuries-old farmers' recipe known as "switchel." Switchel recipes often varied slightly, with some — like the flavors in Turkey Hill's Haymakers line-up — adding a splash of apple cider vinegar.

Each natural ingredient in switchel — and today in Haymakers — was carefully selected to deliver key benefits. The ginger soothed and settled the stomach, while the vinegar quenched thirst even better than plain water. The end result was a beverage that curbed thirst during summer days working in the fields.

Haymakers are available in 18.5-ounce and 57.6-ounce sizes at select grocers and convenience stores where Turkey Hill products are sold. For more information about Turkey Hill and Haymakers, visit

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