What's the buzz online about Turkey Hill Dairy?

We're very proud of the products we make, the people who make them, and all of our friends who truly enjoy them. From time to time, people like share their love of Turkey Hill products by writing about it online. When we catch wind of these little love letters, we'll share it with you here.

Mint Cookie Trio'politan? YES PLEASE!

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Find out what this blogger had to say about this triple the excitement ice cream product.

On Second Scoop - onsecondscoop.com

Our classic ice cream sandwich is a most-wanted summer treat!

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Parents Magazine - www.parents.com

Calling All Chocolate Lovers

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New Triple Chocolate Trio'politan is a chocolate adventure you don't want to skip.

Republican Newspaper - Republican

Turkey Hill in BBQ Sauce?

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That's right, there are many ways to incorportate our delicious products into your favorite dishes. Check out this article and see how one person has used our Orange Iced Tea for a BBQ sauce. For more Turkey Hill recipe ideas, visit our recipe page at www.turkeyhill.com/recipes/

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