What's the buzz online about Turkey Hill Dairy?

We're very proud of the products we make, the people who make them, and all of our friends who truly enjoy them. From time to time, people like share their love of Turkey Hill products by writing about it online. When we catch wind of these little love letters, we'll share it with you here.

Mint Cookie Trio'politan? YES PLEASE!

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Find out what this blogger had to say about this triple the excitement ice cream product.

On Second Scoop - onsecondscoop.com

Indulge in Decadence

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Decadent Delights is Turkey Hill's first new novelty in more than 10 years and marks its first entry into the growing premium novelty category.

Packaging Digest - www.packagingdigest.com

Calling All Chocolate Lovers

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New Triple Chocolate Trio'politan is a chocolate adventure you don't want to skip.

Republican Newspaper - Republican

Moment Makers

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In this article, you will find just how important the small things can be and how they will last a lifetime. Turkey Hill may just be a bowl of great ice cream to some but it is a spoonful of endless moments to many.

Ice cream takes me back to my roots - www.examiner.net

I Spy Turkey Hill

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Enjoy this mouth-watering video clip on one of Lancaster County's delicious traditions. While your watching, keep your eyes open. You may catch a quick glimpse of Turkey Hill popping up!

6 Fun Facts about Lancaster County's Oldest Fasnacht Fundraiser - LancasterOnline

What's Your Go-To Ice Cream Flavor?

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These guys sure know how to enjoy life to the fullest... with some ice cream. Thanks for the Turkey Hill Love!

Top Ice Cream Flavors - The Dan Patrick Show

Is Turkey Hill in your Dinner Plans?

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This Radio Station has the right idea when it comes to dinner plans. Turkey Hill ice cream isn't just for dessert. Enjoy it anytime (including dinner)!

Kuhn's Cooking Hour - KDKA-AM Radio

Turkey Hill in BBQ Sauce?

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That's right, there are many ways to incorportate our delicious products into your favorite dishes. Check out this article and see how one person has used our Orange Iced Tea for a BBQ sauce. For more Turkey Hill recipe ideas, visit our recipe page at www.turkeyhill.com/recipes/

Super Bowl matchup: Carolina Barbecue vs. Denver Bison Burger - LancasterOnline

Well, it's time to serve up some ice cream for breakfast!

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The study, published by Kyorin University professor Yoshihiko Koga, said eating ice cream right after waking up can result in improved instances of alertness and mental performance.

International Business Times - ibtimes.com

Selling Lemonade for a Great Cause

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"Instead of making lemonade, Fehral bought four gallons of Turkey Hill Lemonade. "You buy it made," she says. "It's good lemonade." And on sale for two gallons for $4, "so, I got a deal. We sold it all." Selling lemonade and giving the proceeds to the families of the slain officers in Dallas..." - Fehral Family

Roxbury News Newspaper

Turkey Hill is WAY Better Anyways...

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Farewell remarks at the PA House Floor Proceedings including some Turkey Hill Iced Tea humor.

Pennsylvania Cable Network - PCN

Out of My Head

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"My wife tells me not to go into certain places in a supermarket because she believes I will hear the song of a blueberry pie calling me, or a half-gallon (only they're not half-gallons anymore) of Turkey Hill Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream whispering my name, like a siren in The Odyssey." -John Addyman

Wayne County Mail Newspaper