To all of our Turkey Hill Dairy team members: #ThankYou for all that you do

For a lot of companies — and people — a crisis like COVID-19 is a test of values, commitments, and dedication to the things that really matter in life. For Turkey Hill, that commitment includes the more than 600 members of its team.

That's been true for the past 88 years, and it's especially true now.

That's why I want to take a moment — not just as the CEO of Turkey Hill Dairy but speaking for every member of our leadership team — to say thank you to our amazing Turkey Hill associates.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Our team's passion includes making sure that Turkey Hill products are properly stocked for those families. In the picture above, our delivery team saw barren ice cream aisles within retail stores and went the extra mile to find solutions and fill the shelves.

Thank you for showing up in these uncertain times, thank you for working hard, and thank you for being a part of a team that has truly risen to the challenge.

We're making iced tea, ice cream, and other dairy products. With so many families across America sheltering in place and feeling anxious about what lies ahead, a glass of iced tea, a bowl of ice cream, or a cup of chocolate milk can provide immeasurable comfort and joy.

I have no doubt that together, as a company, a country, and a planet, we will emerge from this stronger than ever before.


Tim Hopkins
Turkey Hill Dairy