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Great ice cream starts with great dairy farmers.

Meet some of our dairy farmers.

Founded over 80 years ago, Turkey Hill only needed enough milk to provide fresh milk and ice cream to the towns near our dairy. Today, we sell our milk and ice cream to people in 38 states, so that means we need a few more cows.

We rely on the hard work and skills of our local dairy farmers to provide great, fresh milk to our dairy each day. It is the local dairy farmers we thank and respect so much. So we'd like you to meet a few of them. Check back from time to time and you'll see who provides milk for your ice cream. Turkey Hill is dedicated to its heritage and the heritage of those who make Turkey Hill successful.

Dairy Farmer Spotlight: The Brandt Family Farm

5 generations. 55 cows. 150 acres.

Turkey Hill is proud to have the Brandt family farm as part of their local farmers that provide part of the 350,000 pounds of milk a day that Turkey Hill uses in production.

The Brandt farm was established in the 1850s by Harriet Brandt along with her parents. They built the house that still stands on the family farm along with several barns and springhouses. She later married Christian Brandt (no relation, but same last name) and continued the family farm. They had five children: Abram (died in WWI), Ira, John, Gertie, and Walter.

Following the family tradition, John continued the family dairy farm. John and his wife had two children, Robert and Ethel. Aunt Ethel is soon to be 90 and is an important part of the Brandt legacy.

Bob kept the family dairy farm going for yet another generation. He and his wife had four children, Robert, Sharon, Steve, and Joel. Bob lives in the family homestead and helps out when needed. Robert added onto the cow barn in the 1970s. He was met with some skepticism as to whether it would be profitable. So a horseshoe was nailed on the entryway to the "new" part of the cow barn for good luck in hopes of it being profitable. It can still be seen today while milking cows in the barn. They were the generation to see the Century Farm Award in the 1980s.

Joel is the current generation. He and his wife Kimberly have two boys, Adam and Aaron. Amazingly, this small family cares for 55 cows and 150 acres of corn, alfalfa, straw, and soybeans. The cows produce around 3,300 pounds of milk a day. Kimberly does not come from a farming background and has met the everyday challenges with grace and charm. It is yet to be seen whether the Brandt family farm will continue with yet another generation. But for today, there are cows to be milked and crops to be brought in, and the Brandt family does it all very well.

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