Join the Turkey Hill Dairy Internship Program.

Congratulations in taking the first step in your professional journey by looking for an internship at Turkey Hill Dairy. Through our newly redeveloped internship program, we look to partner with a wide variety of high-profile colleges, universities and technical trade schools to allow the students real world experiences so they can better foster their understanding of their field of study. Turkey Hill Dairy has a well-established internship program that covers all areas of our business. Our mission is to build a brand people can trust.

Candidates for our internship program will be evaluated based on their major, GPA and experience. If selected, for an interview, a member of our Human Resources team will contact you directly to set up either a personal meeting or a phone interview depending on location.

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Our Enduring Principles

  • Treat all people with fairness and respect.
  • Practice honesty and integrity in all relationships.
  • Produce and sell quality, wholesome products.
  • Serve our customers as we would like to be served.

Types of Internships Turkey Hill Dairy Routinely Offers

The following is a list of departments that regularly offer internships and a list of preferred majors for those specific departments. Not every internship is available every year so please see the intern posting list below for active internship positions.

Department Preferred Majors
Information Systems (IS) Computer Science, Information Technology, and related IT degrees
Finance/Accounting Accounting, Finance, Business, Economics or related major
Marketing Marketing, Marketing Research, Graphic Design, General Business
Public Relations/Event Coordination Marketing, Public Relations, Event Planning, General Business, Communication, Liberal Arts
Research & Development (R&D) Food or Dairy Science, Biology, Other Life Sciences
Manufacturing (LEAN) Manufacturing, Logistics or Business with a manufacturing focus
Industrial Safety Industrial Safety program
Customer Service Marketing, Public Relations, Communication, Liberal Arts
Maintenance (electrical) Enrolled in an approved electrical or other skilled trade program
Quality Assurance (QA) Lab Food or Dairy Science, Biology, Other Life Sciences
Human Resources Human Resources Management or related business major
Diesel Garage (Mechanic) Enrolled in an approved diesel or other similar skilled trade program


Jenell Abrams

"Being an intern in the Quality Control department was certainly a new experience for an English Professional Writing major. Although challenging at first, I learned something new every day and truly enjoyed the work I was doing."

Jenell Abrams,
2011 Quality Control Intern
Elizabethtown College

Jon Morgan

"From beginning to end, the internship at Turkey Hill provided me with exceptional associates to learn from and work with while gaining critical exposure and knowledge that can be applied to any future career."

Jon Morgan,
2011 LEAN Manufacturing Intern
Penn State University

Tanya West

"Turkey Hill Dairy’s internship program has provided me with great real-world, hands-on experience within the food industry. The quality products and people here have made this experience a solid foundation for my future food science career."

Tanya West,
2011 QA Lab Intern
Penn State University

Luke Brodbeck

"Turkey Hill has given me the opportunity to challenge myself, and take on real life situations in the work environment."

Luke Brodbeck,
2010 Product Marketing Intern
Millersville University


  1. What are the eligibility requirements for an internship at Turkey Hill Dairy?View answer

    You are eligible if you:

    • Are currently enrolled in a related accredited program or have graduated within the last calendar year.
    • Possess an appropriate academic record.
    • Are interested in working for a food manufacturing organization.
  2. Where does Turkey Hill Dairy offer internships?View answer

    All internship positions are located in our Conestoga facility in southern Lancaster County, PA.

  3. When are internships offered?View answer

    Our internships are usually offered from May to August, although the start and end times may vary due to business needs and individual availability. While we do not yet offer six (6) month co-ops, we may look to offer those in the future. An intern may be allowed to stay on longer than the 12 week initial assignment depending on the needs of the department and will vary from year to year.

  4. What are the schedules for the positions?View answer

    The schedules vary for each position and may include weekend or holiday work.

  5. Are the internships paid?View answer

    All internships, unless specifically noted, are paid positions. We review each of the positions on a regular basis and make changes as needed.

  6. Can I take time off during the internship?View answer

    We do understand the need for college students to take a break throughout the summer months and do our best to accommodate time off requests. We will discuss time off during the interview process. However, the summer months are our busiest time so we do expect that our interns would be here the majority of the time.

  7. How do I apply for an internship?View answer
  8. What is the dress code for the interns?View answer

    Our office environment is business casual work attire with blue jeans allowed on Fridays. For positions in our manufacturing, warehouse, maintenance and related areas, company-provided uniforms may be required.

  9. Does Turkey Hill offer fulltime positions to interns?View answer

    While Turkey Hill tries to offer challenging opportunities to all of our interns and work with them to be successful, we cannot guarantee a fulltime placement for our interns. The overall hiring needs are based on the needs of the organization and the department and will vary on a yearly basis. However, a large number of our current associates did begin their THD career through our internship or summer worker programs.

Our Summer Hires Program

If you are interested in working in our production, warehouse, distribution, or other similar areas of our organization, please visit our Seasonal Employment page to learn more about this program and to fill out the appropriate application.