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New Turkey Hill Half-Gallon Bottle Offers Real Benefits For Fans

New, stronger container improves freshness and longer-term quality

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (October 23, 2017) — What difference does a new half-gallon container make? For Turkey Hill Dairy and its fans, the difference is a big one.

Starting this week, Turkey Hill shelves nationwide will see the company’s signature drinks container replaced with a more modern version made with environmentally friendly PET plastic.

The upgrade includes all half-gallon Turkey Hill drinks — a total of 22 flavors across the Dairy’s iced tea, lemonade, and fruit punch products.

The new bottles, made with clear PET plastic, replace the opaque containers and come with several benefits. A new "pinch grip" on the neck of the new bottle makes the half-gallon container easier to grip and pour, while the crystal-clear packaging provides an unobstructed view of what’s inside. The new bottle is also stronger and more rigid than its predecessor.

The use of PET plastic (versus HDPE plastic in the old bottles) also provides a better oxygen barrier for the beverage inside, improving the freshness and long-term quality of the product.

For Turkey Hill, the biggest benefit might be the increased visibility provided by the eye-catching bottle. In a test in several stores earlier this year, the new bottle outsold the old bottle by more than 10 percent, a perk attributed to the new container’s higher-quality appearance and its ability to stand out on store shelves.

The switch to PET plastic follows a similar upgrade to Turkey Hill’s 18.5-ounce, single-serve bottles in 2015. For more information about Turkey Hill Dairy and its line of iced teas and other drinks, visit

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