We started with milk.

We started making milk in 1931 when Armor Frey started selling milk to his neighbors. Since then, our dairy has grown. We have listened to our consumers over the years and have expanded our drinks to include a variety of iced teas, lemonades, punches, and ciders. The same great care and quality still goes into each bottle we make.

Click a drink below to see our variety of flavors...

Click a drink below to see our variety of flavors.

Turkey Hill Pure & Chilled

Pure & Chilled

Deliciously simple and made with simple ingredients like pure water, cane sugar, real tea, and natural flavors.

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Turkey Hill Milk


In 1931, we started selling milk to our neighbors. We sell milk to many more people now, but the same great care and quality still goes into each bottle.

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Turkey Hill Water


When you're are thirsty, grab a bottle of Turkey Hill Purified Drinking Water. Our water is available in three sizes: 16.9 oz., one liter, and one gallon.

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Turkey Hill Haymakers


Epically crafted teas, punches, and ciders with thirst-throttling agents like ginger, molasses, honey, and vinegar.

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Turkey Hill All Natural Lemonade

All Natural Lemonade

Our All Natural Lemonade starts with lemons, not powdered mixes. We carefully balance the lemons' tart flavor with just the right amount of sugar!

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Turkey Hill Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Sit back and savor our 100% Colombian coffee blended with fresh milk and great flavors. It's a velvety delicious treat; but why take our word for it?

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Turkey Hill Egg Nog

Egg Nog

The pure cream, fresh milk and touch of nutmeg make our Egg Nog the perfect addition to every family's holiday tradition. Available during the winter holiday season.

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